Hi, my name is Alish Zenzejul, I’m a Nomad and a modern wandering Yishu Wuhang monk (more info here).

My lifegoal is to live a peaceful Life filled with everything and everyone I enjoy, everywhere I am; to keep learning, developing and teaching all that passions me to anyone interested.

I perform many professions/passions like Tantric Wellness Coaching (more info here), Five Element Yoga training (more info here), multitechnique massage therapies (more info here) and giving courses, workshops and lectures (more info here). I have been so many different persons in this Lifetime and probably will be more…

I was born and raised in Guatemala City and I lived there most of my life with my mother and grandmother, a “normal” lifestyle but with a multilingual education and in multiethnic surroundings. I studied Graphic designing, 2D & 3D animation at the university and worked on it for more than 7 year. Then Life changed me and I started backpacking through Guatemala’s territory. Here I became a professional massuist at the Atitlan Lake. And I started having connection with Yishu Wuhang.

After continuing traveling through all Central America, I took residence in Costa Rica and later I moved to Europa, first to Barcelona in 2007, followed by Mallorca and Madrid until 2012. During this time I had the opportunity to learn bioconstruction, conventional agriculture and permaculture. I also started developing as an Awareness therapist and continuing as a professional massuist.

Then I started traveling again following the Rainbow Gathering tribe all over Sicily, the north of Italy and some time later in Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia. In the meantime I became a Yoga, Pilates and Fitness instructor in Catalunya.

Nowadays I perform mainly as a Wellness therapist, a Yishu Wuhang, Yoga, Tantra (more info here) and Meditation instructor (more info here) everywhere I go, but also I provide services in permaculture and food gardening, bioconstruction and anything I learn on-the-go (more info here) to teach and share. For more info, check my Curriculum.

I started traveling on 2016 with Laura, from Norway to Costa Rica passing by Germany, Denmark, Lithunia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and recently in Poland.

Currently I’m learning Chen Tai Chi in China.





Edited by Laura Klings