Yishu Wuhang – The Art of the Five Elements

Hi, I’m Alish Zenzejul. I am a modern wandering Yishu Wuhang monk, meaning I roam this planet, learning everything I feel Passion about, practicing it and becoming better at it to later teach it to others.

Also I use its knowledge, philosophy and wisdom as a pillar of my professional Life as a Tantric Wellness coach (more info here), as well as for the Five Element Yoga training (more info here), in the massage therapies (more info here) Tantra Yoga (more info here) and as a courses, workshops and lectures guide (more info here).

“Yishu Wuhang” or The Art of the Five Elements is a Tantric & Vedic lifestyle and philosophy (not a religion) from around the 5th. century. Its view is based in the Equilibrium of the Elements and how they interact in everything, everywhere in every moment of Life.

Through centuries the Elemental energies have been studied and the Elemental monks have learned how they materialize in this reality as frequencies (energies), states (emotions and ideas) and materials (solids, liquids, gases, gels, etc.). With this knowledge we can learn how to interact like one Element with the other, becoming one and flowing with a situation… “Be water, my friend” (Bruce Lee)

Yishu Wuhang has expanded into a series of different branches of the art:
– The Art of the Elements Philosophy
– Meditation and energetical techniques (more info here)
– Nutrition and medicine techniques
– Physical training techniques (movement, strength, flexibility and balance techniques)

This philosophy of Life helps to avoid conflicts and we can learn how to Flow in any of lifes situation. There is no need of any previous training or to follow any specific Dogma.


It all began when a group of monks were traveling near a river. On the other side they saw a dancer practicing her art, so focused that she was unaware of two thieves who wanted to attack her. The monks, unable to help her because of the wide river in between, were only witnesses of the first time of the “Dance of the Elements”.

The anonymous dancer defended herself by using the adversaries speed, strength and fury against themselves, making this technique an extraordinary defensive – counterattack way of resolving physical conflicts. She twisted her body, moved away and seized their joints when they tried to hit her, making them lose their balance and fall down.

After some time the two attackers realised that it was impossible to beat her and ran away. The wandering monks looked for a bridge and eventualy crossed the river only to come back and asked her how she did it. She responded: “I felt the Fire within them, so I turned into Water to calm them down”.

The monks begged her to teach them, and she agreed to it. After the training, they came back to the monastery to show this new technique to the abate (highest monk in the monastery) and to tell the story. The abate realized the potential and wisdom of this Art and after giving it a structure Yishu Wuhang was created.

From then it developed (and still evolves) to what we know today. The knowledge and wisdom of the Yishu Wuhang school was almost completely lost in Shaolin’s burning during the Japanese-British invasion in China. Lately it is coming back through oral communication and plans to establish a new school somewhere around the World.

The Elements__________________

Yishu Wuhan consists of the Elements of:

– Earth (solid) – Root Chakra

– Water (fluid) – Sacral Chakra

– Fire (action) – Solar Plexus Chakra

– Wind (movement) – Throat Chakra

– Void (peace) – Third Eye Chakra

These elements in addition with Unity (Heart Chakra) and Light (Crown Chakra) form the seven main Chakras of the body. Chakras or energetical vortexes are points where the energy speeds up its frequency and feeds up certain organs of the body. When there is an unbalance of any of these Chakras a sickness will appear. If not balanced properly, it will turn into illness and will degenerate one or many organs and systems.


Yishu Wuhang trains each Element individually, then combines some and finally all of them.
Each Level requires the mastery of the previous level and each one includes knowledge about physical, emotional and mental energies, frequencies of those energies, nutritional facts, medicine and symbolisms from the general (Level 1) to the more specific (Level 7).

In motion it looks similar to Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) and Aikido combined. In preparation for this training a system of exercises exists which is similar to Hata Yoga with some variations in movements and complexity of the asanas commonly called “Elemental Yoga”.

Training Yishu Wuhang develops the flexibility and speed of the practicioner as well as balance and strength. It is fit to anyone as it is easy to learn no matter the age, gender, race or body structure/weight and it will improve the respiratory, muscular, cardiac, lymphatic, nervous and meridian systems, body joints, equilibrium and mental analityc speed.

From the basics to the Master level it advances as presented:

Level 1
– Basic Earth
– Basic Water
– Basic Fire
– Basic Wind
– Basic Void

Level 2
– Advanced Earth
– Advanced Water
– Advanced Fire
– Advanced Wind
– Advanced Void

Level 3
– Master Earth
– Master Water
– Master Fire
– Master Wind
– Master Void

Level 4 (Basic Combinations)
-Combination Earth – Water
– Combination Earth – Fire
– Combination Earth – Wind
– Combination Earth – Void
– Combination Water – Fire
– Combination Water – Wind
– Combination Water – Void
– Combination Fire – Wind
– Combination Fire – Void
– Combination Wind – Void

Level 5 (Advanced Combinations)
– Combination Earth – Water – Fire
– Combination Earth – Water – Wind
– Combination Earth – Fire – Wind
– Combination Earth – Water – Void
– Combination Earth – Fire – Void
– Combination Earth – Wind – Void
– Combination Water – Fire – Wind
– Combination Water – Fire – Void
– Combination Water – Wind – Void
– Combination Fire – Wind – Void

Level 6 (Master of Combinations)
– Combination Earth – Water – Fire – Wind
– Combination Earth – Water – Fire – Void
– Combination Earth – Fire – Wind – Void
– Combination Earth – Water – Wind – Void
– Combination Water – Fire – Wind – Void

Level 7 (Master of the Five Elements)
– Combination Earth – Water – Fire – Wind – Void


All this knowledge is part of what I learn on-the-go (more info here) to teach and share.

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Edited by Laura Klings