Courses, Workshops and Lectures

Hi, I’m Alish Zenzejul. I am a modern wandering Yishu Wuhang monk (more info here) and I have been preparing myself academically and in praxis since 2005 in different professions/passions like Tantric Wellness Coaching (more info here), Five Element Yoga training (more info here), Tantra Yoga (more info here), Meditation (more info here) and multitechnique massage therapies (more info here).

It is possible for me to perform lectures, workshops and courses of all this subjects and any of their parts. These teachings can be presented in different levels (introductory, intermediate and advanced) and they vary in length depending on the subject and schedual.

Other subjects I am able to teach are:
– Becoming Self-aware.
– Our physical structure (muscles, tendons, joints and meridians).
– Pain, its meaning, patterns and how to release it from ourselves.
– Re-educating our body posture and movement (Yishu Wuhang School philosophy)
– Emotions and their unbalances, their meanings, patterns and how to release them from ourselves.
– Emotional intelligence.
– Conscious Breathing and Pranayama techniques.
– Mental structures (Codes), their meanings, patterns and how to release them from ourselves.
– Mental hygiene.
– The Law of Attraction.
– The Chakras.
– The non-dogmatic Believing System.
– Visualization and Materializing techniques.
– Yishu Wuhang philosophy.

All this is part of my on-the-go knowledge (more info here) to teach and share.

For more information, please write me an e-mail using the Contact Page about questions or doubts.

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Edited by Laura Klings