Knitting and Crocheting

Hi, I am Laura K., an aspiring writer and artist, nomading around and reconnecting with what I love to do.

Have you ever heard about “dynamic meditation”?  If you prefer to be in movement rather than sitting still and it nevertheless clears your mind then you are practicing dynamic meditation. Knitting and crocheting brings me into a peaceful state in which thoughts and time pass by almost unrecognized. For me they are ways of meditating. Even the process of finding a new pattern and going to a shop to look for the perfect yarn is – no, that one is actually exciting! I love wool shops! All the possible things that can be made out of this color flow and this kind of wool! Amazing! Inspiring!

And so homey… Sitting at a cosy place, ideally on a rainy or snowy day, even more ideally with a wood stove or chimney in the room and just letting the needles dance… Or being super attentive because the pattern is a bit more complicated and you don’t want to mess it up.

The love and care that it takes to knit a pair of socks or a jumper and the joy to see it progress and then finished justifies for me that it is usually more expensive than a piece that you buy already made. And yes, if you don’t buy expensive clothes self made stuff is more expensive. Except food maybe. But either way, knitting and crocheting is filling me with joy planning to do it, doing it and finishing to do it. So all good. Perk of this hobby: Socks for everybody!

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