Hi, I am Laura K., an aspiring writer and artist, nomading around and reconnecting with what I love to do.

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” After years of being in fear of basically everything I can say that I am doing my best to live after this motto. I am done with overthinking what-ifs, staying in my comfort zone and incorporating only a small percentage of the greatness that is in each one of us. This is not my path anymore. This is not what I want anymore. The life I want might seem dangerous, inconsiderate and to some simply stupid. But it is me who lives it; me who doesn’t want to cry about missed chances in the end.

I am a studied social and cultural anthropologist (M.A.) but I am not working in that field yet. I rather like to use the methods I learnt to practice one of my passions: writing. I want to become a story teller in both academic and creative writing. Another passion is painting, especially with watercolors and especially sacred geometry. Other things that keep me creative are knitting, crocheting and other types of handicraft. Creating things myself is important to me, also concerning food. There is almost nothing more homey than the smell of a freshly baked bread . Maybe self made cake. All that combined with living outside of cities surrounded by nature gives me peace and lets my body and soul breathe freely.

More about me: WritingPaintingKnitting and crochetingNomading

Subjects I am interested in:
– body confidence and the art of being shamefree
– self-healing and its power
– “wild women”
– nomadism and digital nomads
– rediscovering intuition and “roots”
– concepts and believings about reincarnation and synchronicity