Multitechnique Massage Therapy

Hi, I’m Alish Zenzejul. I’m a Multitechnique Tantric massuist. I have been learning various techniques, starting in 2005 at the Atitlan Lake, Guatemala and during my travelings around Europe and America I have continued to study, practice and teach in workshops and courses.

The type of massage therapy that I perform is a mix of several techniques but the base of all my sessions is Tantra (more info here), being the concept of: “the Art of Loving, first yourself to be able to Love everything in every moment”.

This are some of the techniques I know and use during a massage therapy:

Vibration massage is a type of muscular massage that is done by making the area vibrate in a specific frequency. It relaxes the joints, muscles and tendons.

Five Elements massage from Yishu Wuhang (more info here) involves the study and understanding of the theory of the Elements in a body, their interactions and symptoms when unbalanced (excesses or lacks). It works with the Chakras and the Meridians. Similar to Zen-Shiatsu.  Includes Meditation (more info here).

Zen-Shiatsu, Digit-puncture and Reflexology massages are techniques based in the use of pressuring certain specific points in the body related to organs, guts and Elements. Together these points form the Meridians. Includes Meditation.

Energetic massage is a type of massage which is based in energetic transmission between two or more beings or one being and the Universal energy, similar to Reiki or Light Hands.  Includes Meditation.

Lymphatic massage works with the stimulation of the Lymph nodes around the body.

Sound massage (Mongolic Singing / Tibetan Singing Bowls) is a branch of Musico-theraphy. It consists in using instruments, natural (rain, wind, waves) or animal sounds and the human voice to relax the person, especially the mind. It provokes an alteraded state of mind and releases traumas, fears or blocks.  Includes Meditation.

Tantric Yoni massage (Yoni, Sanscrit name for the female genitals) is used in Tantric therapy as a mean of stimulating the libido or increasing the ability of a woman to respond positively to sensual stimulus. It helps to relax and enter a meditative state in which the subconscious can be shown and to heal traumas, blocks or unbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and energetical body.  Includes Meditation.

This massage therapies can be received each by itself or as part of a Tantric Wellness Coaching (more info here) session which includes Five Elements Yoga asanas (more info here).

Also I am an instructor in each of this techniques, for so able to give courses, workshops and lectures (more info here) with European diploma. All this is part of my on-the-go knowledge (more info here) to teach and share.


And check my new learning-long-trip-project: China


Edited by Laura Klings