Hi, I am Laura K., an aspiring writer and artist, nomading around and reconnecting with what I love to do.

Being a nomad. Do you travel a lot? That’s what it means. Nomads are people living without fixed domicile. So yes, basically you travel all the time. Do you learn new skills on a daily basis? Hell yeah, tons of it! Is it an easy lifestyle? Not necessarily. Changing ones surroundings a lot and meeting new people almost every day makes it quite challenging and sometimes tiring. You have to be outgoing, adapt a lot and at the same time try to enjoy because it is your decision to live like that.

I am nomading since a bit more than a year now and to be honest, in the beginning I was disappointed. I had the expectation that with letting go of the security of a stable place to stay and a stable job I would magically become the outgoing, interesting person that I always wanted to become. And it also would make me more attractive, that comes with the package. With great frustration I had to realize that no, it doesn’t work like that. If I don’t actively do something for it, all the above mentioned things will stay in the dreamland of expectations and the realms of “when I have this or that everyhing is going to be better”. Even though nomading hasn’t lived up to my expectations (sarcasm), it helps me a lot to finally understand WHAT I actually want to become. So it is scary sometimes and challenging always.

But the thought of having a 9to5 job where nothing ever changes until you retire is more frightening and choking for me than not knowing where I am going to be next week or even tomorrow. Seeing places, learning about new ways of living and thinking is inspiring and nurturing for my soul and pushes my personal evolution a lot. Highly recommendable!

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