Hi, I am Laura K., an aspiring writer and artist, nomading around and reconnecting with what I love to do.

“Nature is the greatest artist”. This saying is true. Only watching the color range that nature creates in fall for the time of some weeks is breathtaking. Still I love the palette of my watercolors and how they flow together on paper, creating every time something new. 

Painting – as writing – is a way of expressing which can be and is very fruitful for enhancing creativity and how we experience life. Also here the mind sometimes takes over and chokes ideas or inspirations with thoughts like “you are not good enough” or “why try if either way it won’t turn out good”. And sometimes it wins. Still, after a lot of work on myself. Then it’s hard to take up pencil and brush and to look for motivation. But when I do it the feeling of creating something beautiful, something that nourishes my soul and maybe even others is worth all the struggle. And of course, it’s a choice. Either colorfull and poetic or dull and mute.

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