Hello world – I am Sophia. I am a traveler.

If you haven’t studied, travel – south african proverb.

Thanks to my wonderful parents I learned very early in life the value of traveling – so that’s what I am doing. Getting to know new cultures and ways of living helps me to open up my mind and become my true self. I reconnect and see interesting educational perspectives of life. In my opinion it is easier to discover the beauty of life and the uniqueness of the world when you are outside – not sitting in an office the whole day.

I want to design the life that I want to live – independently and free of society’s pressure and demands. 

I studied architecture and even though I loved the subject and I am still interested in it – my newly won freedom is more precious to me. I want to spread my wings – learn and find inspiration in other people and places. I love to learn to communicate with people from all over the world. Sitting together hearing and telling stories and get inspired by all of these – it gives me so much energy and joy to experience life. Everything that makes yourself unique is in yourself and I love to express myself in art, fashion, design and food.