Red Yishu Wuhang Tantra

Hi, I’m Alish Zenzejul. During most of my life I have prepared myself as a Tantric Wellness Coach (more info here) following the Yishu Wuhang philosophy (more info here) and became a multitechnique massage therapiest (more info here).

Tantra is “the Art of Loving, first yourself to be able to Love everything in every moment”

The Tantra I follow and perform is Red Yishu Wuhang Tantra, which means that it uses sexuality (first & second chakras) as a tool for self-healing with Kundalini energy. For this, we use Pranayama (breathing techniques), Yoga movements and asanas (more info here), Meditation (more info here), physical & energetical massages (more info here) and controled emotional releasing tecniques.

The main objective of this is to release physical – emotional – mental – energetical blockings & traumas by expressing them and becoming counscious of them.

All this is part of my on-the-go knowledge (more info here) to teach and share.

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Edited by Laura Klings