The monk goes to China

Hi, my name is Alish Zenzejul, I’m a Nomad and a modern wandering Yishu Wuhang monk (more info here).

China – how many images come into the mind just by hearing this word! From rice fields to exotic food, from high technology to A LOT of people, from ancient emperors and their dynasties to the Shaolin monks.

China is also well known for a holistic medicinal practice including acupuncture, herbalism, massages, exercises and dietary therapies and a wide range of Martial Arts. It is believed that body and mind are connected and should be kept in balance. Unbalance will bring sickness. Learning that help to improve health, strength, mind and body control, discipline and self-confidence. Acquiring those skills can help to master a stressful daily life that more and more people are confronted with these days.

These two aspects, TCM and Martial Arts, are the ones that I want to study. My plan is to go to China to a monastery school for one year which is specialised on teaching exactly that. Everything is included, room and board for seven days a week. I strongly believe that this ancient knowledge is worth to be maintained and I want to learn in order to teach and to share it!

All this will be part of my on-the-go knowledge (more info here) to teach and share.


Crowdfunding my dream!

You can help me achieving this dream. I started a crowdfunding on gofundme ( Please be so kind and take a moment to feel if you can also see the importance in keeping this knowledge alive and if you want to support my path (every donation helps me! 😉 )

For full information about the monastery-school and many others, visit here:

Thank you!




Edited by Laura Klings