The “job” of the Nomad

Hi, my name is Alish Zenzejul, I’m a Nomad and a modern wandering Yishu Wuhang monk (more info here)  and I am ussually on-the-go (sometimes I find a place to stay long periods of time, even years) but ussually I move a lot.

So, how do I make a living?

I Love to learn (anything I like to do) wherever I am, so when I go, I have more knowledge and experience and maybe wisdom (for teaching ans sharing)…and for so, I have a wide range of possible to-do knowledge.

So, here is my “Nomadic working profile”:


OUTDOORS ____________


– Conventional construction (with cements, blocks, bricks, tiles, and metal)

– Bioconstruction (with clays, limes, hays, wood, bamboo, etc.)

– Wall painting (with natural or chemical materials)

– Wood cutting and trimming (with axes and chainsaws)


– Conventional agriculture (with chemicals and machinery)

– Permaculture & gardening (several methods)


– Hosting (hostel reception)

– Tourist guiding

– Hitchhicking (where and how)

– Budget (creation, bookings and basking)

– Backpack (what to, how to and how much of)

– Camping set-up (how to make a camp, the fireplace, the tent or hammoc, how to read the winds and water flows, outdoor toilets)

– Fire dancing performance (single or doble long staff)


– Bulding manteinance (hostel, house or farm)


INDOORS ____________


– Massages (several techniques, also as to instruct)

– Tantra (several techniques, also as to instruct)

– Pilates (several techniques, also as to instruct)

– Personal coaching

– Meditation (several techniques, also as to instruct)

– Nutrition cuisine and planing (Yishu Wuhang cuisine, veggeterian cuusine, “whatever available” cuisine)


– Jewlery (with seeds, woods, crystals, rocks, strings and metals)

– Clothes sewing (manual or electric)

– Inner design (basic Feng Shui)


– Web design (WordPress, HTML 5, CSS 3)

– Pc (set-up, personalizing, Hardware – Software mantainance)


– Spanish & Castellano (converstational instruction)

– English (converstational instruction)

– Italian (advanced level)

– Catalá (advanced level)

– French (basic level)

– Portuguese (basic level)

– German (basic level)


– EU car driving licence

– Animal care (small & large species)

– Story telling

And as I said, I Love to learn to be able to teach and share all my knowledge.

For more info, check my Curriculum.


This is my new learning-long-trip-project: China




Edited by Laura Klings