Five Element Yoga training

Hi, I’m Alish Zenzejul, a modern wandering Yishu Wuhang monk (more info here) trained also as a Tantric Wellness Coaching (more info here), a multitechnique massage therapist (more info here), a Tantra Yoga (more info here) and a courses, workshops and lectures guide (more info here). I am specialized in subjects related to physical and emotional Wellness and Fitness.

The Five Element Yoga is a basic part of the “Yishu Wuhang Monk” training as  it helps to develop the flexibility and speed of the practicioner as well as balance and strength. It is fit to anyone as it is easy to learn no matter the age, gender, race or body structure/weight and it will improve the respiratory, muscular, cardiac, lymphatic, nervous and meridian systems, body joints, equilibrium and mental analityc speed (just as Yishu Wuhang).

The Five Element Yoga is similar to Hata Yoga with some differences in position and movement of the asanas. It is sectioned in five of the seven main Elements of the body:

– Earth (solid) – Root Chakra

– Water (fluid) – Sacral Chakra

– Fire (action) – Solar Plexus Chakra

– Wind (movement) – Throat Chakra

– Void (peace) – Third Eye Chakra

These elements in addition with Unity (Heart Chakra) and Light (Crown Chakra) form the seven main Chakras of the body. Chakras or energetical vortexes are points where the energy speeds up its frequency and feeds up certain organs of the body. When there is an unbalance of any of these Chakras a sickness will appear. If not balanced properly, it will turn into illness and will degenerate one or many organs and systems.

This Yoga is also mixed with Mudras, Pranayama techniques and Meditation (more info here) that will improve the practicioner’s health. All this is part of my on-the-go knowledge (more info here) to teach and share.

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Edited by Laura Klings